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Saturday, 11 October 2008

Cook top

For many years most range cookers only had the option of gas burners or electric zones like ceramic.

In the last couple of years more manufacturers are offering different versions of the cook or chef top. This is a zone that consists of a flat smooth surface made of stainless steel which is popular with chefs for meat and fish.

The main advantages are not having the restricted space like with a pan, and also you don't need much oil as the steel surface is very forgiving with excess heat. Just add cooking oils to the meat or fish and add to the pre heated cook top

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Colourful Cookers from Falcon

It seems as though there is a growing trend in kitchen appliance manufacturers creating products in more bright, bold and vibrant colours these days- and it is proving very popular. It would seem as though people are getting a little bit bored with stainless steel, white and black as their only three choices and more and more people are asking for red and blue and other bright colours. The 1092 Falcon Range Cooker has a choice of eight different colours, including lime green. Could it be that black and white is actually going out of fashion?